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Ilese Buchanan, MS, LMFT 103846

EMDR Certified Therapist

EMDR Consultant-in-Training



(951) 344-6428

My name is Ilese Buchanan and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, LMFT 103846. I am an EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) Certified Therapist, Consultant-in-Training, and offer bilingual services in English and Spanish. I believe that our thoughts are fueled by what we believe, which impacts how we feel and what we do. I believe we are made for relationships, and our experiences with others can leave us with different beliefs about ourselves and that can enable us to thrive or cause us to feel like failures. My work targets these particular beliefs so that you can personally and relationally thrive. I have had such a great opportunity to work with families, couples, young adults, and children locally in Riverside at a community counseling center, now called The Grove Corner Counseling and Community Center from 2011 to 2016. At the start of the year in 2016, I accepted a position with Orange County Health Care Agency, where I enjoyed working with individuals of all ages experiencing mild to moderate behavioral health problems. The goal of my therapeutic work was to intervene and prevent a persistent and more serious behavioral health problem from developing. I developed and facilitated different themed groups and I also created and hosted an EMDR networking and study group for Orange County Health Care Agency's clinicians practicing EMDR. Buchanan Counseling Services, began in 2018. In addition to providing counseling services with my private practice, in 2019 I worked in the city of Redlands and offered counseling services with Spring to Autumn Family Counseling. In 2020 I started a nonprofit to make evidence-based relationship counseling more accessible to Christians and am currently the Clinical Director and Supervisor of the counseling center. My experience uniquely enables me to understand how to meet those I work with, right where they are, earn their trust in me and confidence in the powerful transformation that one can experience with EMDR therapy.

Introduction to EMDR Therapy

EMDR therapy does not require talking in detail about the distressing issue, or homework between sessions. EMDR therapy is designed to resolve unprocessed traumatic memories in the brain. Part of the therapy includes alternating eye movements, sounds, or taps. EMDR, rather...allows the brain to resume its natural healing process.

Retrieved from: EMDRIA.ORG

Healing Trauma

EMDR therapy may be used within a standard talking therapy, as an adjunctive therapy with a separate therapist, or as a treatment all by itself. For many clients, EMDR therapy can be completed in fewer sessions than other psychotherapies.

Retrieved from: EMDRIA.ORG

EMDR Therapy's Effectiveness Goes Beyond Trauma

I have used EMDR therapy to help individuals resolve trauma and promote higher self-esteem. This approach is built upon the Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) Model. "EMDR therapy shows that the mind can in fact heal from psychological trauma much as the body recovers from physical trauma. When you cut your hand, your body works to close the wound. If a foreign object or repeated injury irritates the wound, it festers and causes pain. Once the block is removed, healing resumes. EMDR therapy demonstrates that a similar sequence of events occurs with mental processes... Given the worldwide recognition as an effective treatment of trauma, you can easily see how EMDR therapy would be effective in treating the “everyday” memories that are the reason people have low self-esteem, feelings of powerlessness, and all the myriad problems that bring them in for therapy. Over 100,000 clinicians throughout the world use the therapy. Millions of people have been treated successfully over the past 25 years. "

 (Retrieved from: EMDR.COM)

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