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EMDRIA Consultation Guidelines

Individual consultation consists of 60 minutes. 

Group consultation consists of the ratio:

 30 minutes of meeting time multiplied by

the number of Consultees in the group.

(30 minutes x Consultees = group duration)

For EMDRIA Certification, a Consultatant-in-Training

may provide up tp 15 of the required 20 hours

of consultation for EMDRIA Certification.

No more than 10 group hours can be earned

toward the total 20 hours of consultation.

Individual hours can be accrued in a group setting

under certain conditions and

the following examples are provided to

outline the conditions and limitations:

 A maximum of 30 minutes of individual consultation can be accrued per session and the remaining time is counted as group consultation. 

If there are two Consultees participating in a group consultation, the meeting time would be 60 minutes and each Consultee would spend 30 minutes presenting their case for consultation.

This means both Consultees would receive

30 minutes of individual consultation and 

30 minutes of group consultation.

Group size shall not exceed eight Consultees.

Individual hours shall not be earned in a group size larger than 4. 

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